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York, Pennsylvania (November 6, 1966). A newspaper boy and girl (across the street) selling the Sunday News.


Dictators abhor a free press. Dictators seek to eliminate all dissent. Dictators need to quash any institution or individual that challenges their authority. Dictators need to legitimize their propaganda, and will look to attack the press perhaps physically by banning their operations or by jailing their editors. Read more…

Pray for Oroville, Calif. Sign on Conestoga wagon reads: "Here Comes Orville".


If the dam does not hold a 30′ high wall of water will sweep into Oroville, California. Oroville will become our Pompeii. The old prospector leading his “Conestoga Wagon“; California c.1941 placed a sign on it that reads “Here Comes Orville”. The photo, taken in California, has come to us at this critical time.  Any connection between Orville and the city of Oroville is purely coincidental.

A car crossing into west Texas over the Pecos River.


West of the Pecos“; Texas (1938) refers to two films. The 1945 version starred Robert Mitchum. It also refers to the novel, and to the “hanging judge” Roy Bean Jr. (The Law West of the Pecos). Naturally, we just had to acquire this image taken of a car crossing the Pecos River in west Texas. This is DPI’s small contribution to the conversation. We do think it is an iconic image with great composition.

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Passing time. Los Angeles, California c.1947


Great images would be lost forever to the print media were it not for modern, photo editing software. The condition of many older images is poor due to handling and storage conditions. The quality of older cameras, films, techniques and the skill of of the photographers are additional variables.

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Found on a 1953 Ford F-100 pickup. Date is approximate; true date unknown.


This one was easy. The majority of images that come to us are without identification as to time and place. So it is up to us to do the research, to make an assessment, in order to present accurate information to the greatest extent possible.

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Israel - April 18, 1888: Jewish pilgrims on the Plain of Esdraelon on their way to Harosheth. Megiddo to the northwest is the site of the "end of days" battle described in the Book of Revelation. Date is approximate; true date unknown.


Radical Islam apocalyptic prophecies speak of an “end of days” battle between the forces of the Roman world and the Muslim world at a place called Dabiq which today lies in Syria. For the Christian world the prophecy of an “end of days” battle between the forces of good and evil takes place near Megiddo which today lies in northern Israel.

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The original Mojave Memorial Cross first erected in 1934. Cima, California c.1950


In the true spirit of Christmas we are presenting two photos taken during the same time period. The lead photo is the “Mojave Memorial Cross”; Cima, California c.1950. This is the original Mojave Memorial Cross which has since been replaced. The Cross has been a subject of contention for many years. Below is a photo that we call “Cross at the Lake”; U. S. c.1947. Merry Christmas everyone!

A lone cross at a lake.

A lone cross at a lake.