Outdoor Cooking

Great Depression: Living Outdoors

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The Great Depression produced scenes which today would be incomprehensible. There were Hoovervilles, House Wagons, breadlines, unemployment lines, migrants from the Oklahoma Dust Bowl, and many people simply moving around the country looking for work and a square meal. This essay is dedicated to those people who were on the road in the 1930s.



Katy, Texas – April 17, 1932: Ridin’ the rails. Hoboes train hopping was a common sight. Date is approximate; true date unknown.

“Well it’s been ten years and a thousand tears
And look at the mess I’m in
A broken nose and a broken heart,
An empty bottle of gin
Well I sit and I pray
In my broken down Chevrolet
While I’m singin’ to myself
There’s got to be another way”

– Ball and Chain (1990)  — Social Distortion




train hoppers

Indiana – March 12, 1931 Lending a helping hand. Date is approximate; true date unknown.