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This photo essay has been contributed by Sean Work.  Sean is a photojournalist based in Detroit.  Recently, he covered the crisis in Ukraine and its effect upon the daily lives of the people.  This is illustrated in the photos of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and how they are trying to survive.  There are many nationalistic scenes showing resistance to Russian interference.  Sean’s photos speak for themselves.  The following is his description of events as he witnessed them.

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It was a Sunday morning, June 5, 1983, and I decided to give myself a self assignment.  It seemed to be a good idea at the time.  An anti-nuclear movement demonstration was scheduled that day at the still unfinished Shoreham Nuclear Plant on Long Island.  The anti-nuclear movement had been underway for several decades, but with the accident at Three Mile Island fresh in everyone’s memory this demonstration took on new meaning.

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"Mitten" in Monument Valley.


Pareidolia: The way in which the brain tries to organize meaningless stimulus into something that is recognizable.  The Face on Mars, the Man in the Moon, Jesus Christ in a cinnamon bun and so forth.  For years I saw faces in my bathroom wallpaper.  So it is with this “Mitten” in Monument Valley.  “Sacred Monoliths” was taken on July 10, 1981.

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