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In the alleyway (1937).


Symbolic writing has been used to criticize authorities without identifying the author.  This was particularly evident during the times preceding the French Revolution by such writers as Voltaire and Rousseau.  To put their true name on such documents would have meant certain death.  We use photos, symbolically, to advance messages not immediately apparent.

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Agricultural, migrant work camp.


Political and economic decisions made during the 1920s led to the Great Depression.  While much has been documented about New Deal programs to lessen the suffering during the Dust Bowl period, less has been posted on this blog about the period from the stock market crash until the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt.  Until now!

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Hudson, Michigan c.1929


Question:  When is a class photo more than just a class photo?  Answer:  When it is a “Class Photo“, Husdon, Michigan c. 1929 like this one.  This is the first time that we have presented a class photo to our viewers.  It is also presented in the original sepia toned format in which we acquired.  While we could have converted it to black and white, judging from our Facebook response our viewers seem to prefer the sepia as we do.

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