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The "Bridge of Spies" a/k/a/ Glienicke Bridge.


DPI’s contribution to Hollywood. The “Bridge of Spies” a/k/a Glienicke Bridge located at the border of Potsdam-West Berlin in East Germany. This photo was taken in 1952. Site of the transfer of many spies during the Cold War including Powers-Abel.


The Kumbh Mela is the most widely attended religious celebration in India. As many as 100 million pilgrims attend a Kumbh Mela. The Kumbh Mela represents the largest, peaceful gathering of humanity anywhere on earth. DPI has a large collection of Hindu festival images both in India and Malaysia, but they all pale to a Kumbh Mela.
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Leprosy in Brazil

Leprosy, Hansen’s Disease is virtually unknown in the developed world. In truth, pockets of the afflicted do exist but it is much more prevalent in the developing world. This scourge of humanity deserves more attention than in scenes from “Ben Hur”, although sadly for many people that remains their only exposure to the problem.
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DPI welcomes our newest, contributing photojournalist Sergi Reboredo.  Sergi is based in Spain, but in 2014 he traveled to Haiti to document this voodoo ceremony.

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