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San Francisco, California - August 16, 1910: A booming extermination business for rodents following the earthquake of 1906. Date is approximate; true date unknown.


One of the most respected photographers of the Farm Security Administration during the 1930s was Walker Evans.  Evans’ subjects were varied, but he is perhaps best well known for his images of advertising signs. His work stands out from some of his contemporaries such as Arthur Rothstein, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, John Vachon, Marion Post Wolcott and others because of the uniqueness of his style.

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This slideshow presents some of the work of A. Michael Uhlmann.  As a contributing photojournalist based in Texas, Uhlmann has access to the Texas lifestyle as seen in his “Daily Life” collection.  His work is not limited to only this collection.  What is so special is that Uhlmann’s photographic style is clearly recognizable.  Several of his other collections are located in our Texas gallery. His biography is available on our Photographers’ Page.



The quote is only one of many memorable ones from the film Scarface (1983) said by Tony Montana (Al Pacino). But photographically speaking and not as a gangster the point is well taken. I have said this many times in past reporting, and I agree when it is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. I find it particularly painful to see stress in the eyes of a child. A recent photo of a young boy saved from fighting in Aleppo, Syria touched Western viewers deeply.

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