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If you have been following DPI for any length of time you may have wondered how best to locate the latest arrivals to our collection. Our social media links of Facebook and Twitter would be a good place to start. This blog has been online since January 2015. The blog is updated with both single images and slideshows. However, in order to stay on top of our latest arrivals I would recommend subscribing to our newsletter which is published every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The newsletters were created using our third party provider GetResponse ( By subscribing to our newsletter you will be receiving some of the latest arrivals including a short discussion on the significance of each image. The newsletters are archived, but there is no search tool available through GetResponse. Therefore, I would suggest that you do the following. Use the newsletter link to access the archives.  You can then search through the archives.  You can use the link on the home archives page to subscribe or even better, subscribe to our RSS feed which will send you an email when a new blog is posted.  Using Google is also a good option.  Simply search on Google for and you will find many of our most popular newsletters listed.  Alternatively, simply type in your search criteria following the last forward slash, and relative newsletters on that topic will populate.  For example, if you wanted to do a search to see if we have any newsletters dealing with Texas you would Google:

We have been in discussion with GetResponse regarding implementation of a search tool for the newsletters.  As we publish twice weekly the list of newsletters in the archive is continually growing making it tedious to locate a given topic. Until such time as a search option within the archive is available please use one of the above described alternatives.


Mike Lander