Found on a 1953 Ford F-100 pickup. Date is approximate; true date unknown.


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This one was easy. The majority of images that come to us are without identification as to time and place. So it is up to us to do the research, to make an assessment, in order to present accurate information to the greatest extent possible.

Much of our time is spent looking for identifying clues within each photograph, more than our viewers probably realize. In the accompanying photograph it is clear that this tire is on a Ford vehicle. But can we be more precise? Research on the tire shows that this was a Federal “Air Wing” tire size 6.70 x 15. This tire was not produced until 1954. However, the vehicle appears to be a 1953 Ford pickup F-100. The Federal “Air Wing” tire was common on that vehicle. Judging from the wear on the tire we assess that this photo was most likely taken in 1955. As I said, this one was easy. Other photos require much more research. Because this is a recent photo we thought it was a good time to use it as a simple example for the purpose of explaining the effort needed to identify some of our more difficult challenges.