What is the "story" behind this photograph? Taken in New Jersey (1947).


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We have a situation. This recently acquired photograph is very quickly becoming one of our favorites. We have always made great efforts to be as accurate as possible in our caption information, and we have always encouraged our viewers to contact us if information presented is incorrect. According to our information this photograph that we call “Dreamers” (no relation to the Dream Act) was taken in New Jersey in 1947.

The Greek historian Herodotus has been criticized for using faulty methodology in his Histories.  When facts were not available he took some liberty by creating ones that would fit his narrative. We site this reference because our assessment of the “story” behind this photograph is unknown to us, yet we feel strongly in what we are about to say.

As a youngster I witnessed family members who appeared just like this couple, and even though those memories were long ago this photograph brought them back in an instant. I have no proof of what I am about to say, and I realize that I could be way off base. Call it intuition but this is my assessment of this scene. To me this couple was not born in the United States. I would suspect central or eastern Europe. In particular, the style of the gentleman’s suit seems to be of eastern European design probably Romanian.  Both people are relatively thin. The woman seems to have some scars on her wrists. In most photographs there are usually some clues as to the “story” hiding in plain sight if you train your eye to pick up on them. I would argue that this couple has come to the United States following the end of World War II. Whether they were directly or indirectly affected by the Holocaust I cannot say. Were there thousands of displaced persons (DPs) and refugees following the collapse of Nazi Germany certainly yes.

I would take this analysis a step further even though some may criticize it as no different than the fiction written by Herodotus. Where in New Jersey would this couple be standing, and what could they be gazing at? The Statue of Liberty of course.

Again, we encourage any comments and/or corrections from persons connected to this couple.