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Williamsport, Pennsylvania c.1929


There appears to be a fascination with railroads and all things connected. What is known by the term railroadiana is almost sacred to collectors of the subject. DPI has numerous images of civilians perched on railroad tracks and even on top of boxcars. Maybe it is the sense of freedom that the railroad represents, especially in the days when the average individual did not have access to an automobile.

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"The Big Shot"


Our assessment is that the gentleman whom we call “The Big Shot” in this photo is not HIM. Wishing that it was HIM doesn’t make it so. It would be a very significant photo if it was HIM. We assess that the photo was taken around 1921. The car appears to be a Cadillac. We further assess that the location is probably San Francisco. Any help in identifying the individual whom we call “The Big Shot” would be greatly appreciated.

A homeless Muslim man begs on the streets of Paris c.1950.


A “no-go” zone is defined as an area within a city where law enforcement authorities fear to tread creating an enclave which differs from the general society as a whole. This might include an enclave in which crime cannot be controlled. In the current conversation we a referring to sections of European cities which house large immigrant populations, predominantly Muslim, who have failed to assimilate into the host country’s society. This is not all that unusual as immigrant populations tend to isolate themselves in the first generation only to assimilate more easily in future generations.

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The eyes indicate a life of pain.


This image has been identified as Harriet Dorsey.  We assess that the photo was taken in the United States c.1880. Research indicates that a Harriet Dorsey was born in 1859.  In any event, this Harriet Dorsey would have been born during slavery days. Her eyes are simply haunting and indicate a life of pain to us. We believe that this is an important image reflecting on the times in which she lived.

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