Assessment is Jimmy DeShong (No. 16) New York Yankees c.1934


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Time for DPI to make our contribution to the national pastime. There was a time when baseball was pure before the DH and much of the hype surrounding the sport today. Still, some things never change such as the All Star Game. With respect to the game that we love we present “The Baseball Player“; U. S. c.1934.

Our assessment is that this baseball player is Jimmy DeShong (No. 16) of the New York Yankees. Photo appears to have been taken during a rain delay. We invite any contributions to this conversation if our assessment is off base (no pun intended).

Upon further review there is new evidence suggesting that the baseball player is in the home uniform of the New York Giants. If so the dugout would be located in the Polo Grounds. The only player who fits the description and time period and uniform number would be Hughie Critz. Second baseman aged about 34.  Sorry Yankee fans. See Hughie’s stats.