Activity at a German port (1933). Tall ships in port. Ship at the far right is possibly the Gorch Fock. Port is most likely Hamburg.


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Sometimes it all comes together as in this photo taken in 1933 at a German port probably Hamburg. A very “busy” image with a lot to digest. The viewer’s eye is moving back and forth between several points of interest.

The tall ships in the harbor draw our attention at first. Mostly obscured, the ship at the extreme right is probably the Gorch Fock. The hoist in the center of the photo is another point of interest. Then there are the crates being transported by dock workers on a hand truck. What could be inside these crates? Perhaps it is the Ark of the Covenant? Perhaps I have been watching too many movies. Even the rivets in the steel frame capture attention. The play of light and shadow combined with the overall scene makes “German Tall Ships” a most interesting photograph.