WETR 760-AM Knoxville, Tennessee

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Yesterday, January 20th, DPI was featured on WETR’s talk radio call-in program (www.talkradio923.com). Alan Diskin is the moderator for his Radio Rewound program. I had a little less than 30 minutes to explain what DPI is all about and to answer questions from other call-in listeners. Our thanks go out to Alan and WETR for the opportunity to present DPI to a wider audience. We invite our viewers to submit questions of a photographic nature to us at: info@dispatchpressimages.com. Our advice may be of help in your decision making process.

One listener had asked about whether I preferred photographs taken with film to those taken from a digital camera. If we are talking about a 16×20 portrait photo of your grandfather to be framed the answer would be film. Assuming you could even find the appropriate film you should opt for the best medium or large format camera that you could afford. Today, the cost of such a camera would probably require you to take out a home equity loan. The printing should be Giclée on the best paper possible. But in our world digital is the way to go. There are several photo editing software programs that provide the options to give you the “look” of various types of film in the editing process. So if you love black & white as I do there is a Kodak Tri-X configuration.  And so on and so on for Kodachrome, Fuji, Agfa, etc. For all practical purposes this is as close as you are going to get in trying to duplicate the old ways.