Lave Cooling Operation


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To close out our blogs for February we bring you a February event from the past. Here is something that you will not see too often. The eruption of Eldfell Volcano on an island off the southwest coast of Iceland bought out firemen in a “Lava Cooling Operation“; Heimaey, Iceland (February 7, 1973) in an attempt to try and stem the flow of the threatening lava. DPI pays homage to the great, Brazilian photojournalist Sebastião Salgado as we believe that this photo represents his style of work. In this photo firemen are spraying seawater on the steaming lava.

Below, is a photo of the island showing the location of Eldfell Volcano and the surrounding structures on the island as provided by Google Earth.  For a complete explanation of the event please see the USGS report.

Eldfell Volcano copy