Spraying a soybean field. (Illinois c.1950)


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If you are a farmer that is the word for the day. Soybeans! Stupid Trade War. Stupid tariffs. There are other ways to attend to balance of payments issues, but the explanation would be lost on current administration officials. Perhaps they are something less than the “best people”.

The lead photo, “Crop Duster“; Illinois c.1950 takes DPI into this conversation as a soybean field gets sprayed. We combine text with images for our viewers. Repeating the mistakes of the past are worse than foolish. Farmers, especially, should be overly sensitive to government policies which do not work and have not worked in the past, as well as to disinformation purported by ignorant officials.

As the farmer ducks out of the way of the “Crop Duster Coming Head On“; Illinois c.1950, the famous scene in “North By Northwest” (1959) starring Cary Grant comes to mind.

Crop Duster Coming Head On