Farmer Walks Away


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Breaking the rules can be fun. Sometimes what is left unsaid can make more of a statement than what would otherwise be obvious. Take the case of the lead photo, “Farmer Walks Away“; U. S. c.1933 (sepia added). We can only wonder what is going through this farmer’s mind as he walks through his barren field. Imagine the effect the image would have had he been facing the camera. Depending on his expression the difference might be subtle or create a completely alternate setting.

I believe that the most iconic of images taken of someone’s back has to be the photo taken by Nat Stein at Yankee Stadium, “The Babe Bows Out” (1948) seen below. It won a Pulitzer Prize that year. So do not be afraid to shoot the back.

Nate Stein. Pulitzer Prize winning photo.

Nate Stein. Pulitzer Prize winning photo.