Macon, Georgia (1931). The weary, haunting stare of a Depression era shopkeeper. DPI's homage to Dorothea Lange's Ditched,


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Located within DPI’s Documentary collection is the Americana gallery on page one. This gallery contains two extensive Event collections which we want to bring to your attention. On page two in this gallery in the “1930s” event which includes many images taken during the Great Depression. There are 66 pages within this event providing hundreds of images. Likewise in this gallery located on page five is our “People” event. Here there are 99 pages displaying hundreds of images. Both events should provide numerous selections for your needs.

The lead image, “Shopkeeper“; Macon, Georgia (September 3, 1941) is located in the People event. The weary, haunting stare of a Depression era shopkeeper. This is DPI’s homage to Dorothea Lange’s “Ditched, Stalled and Stranded” photo taken in the San Joaquin Valley, California (1935). Shown below is “The Rag Man“; Hartford, Connecticut c.1936. It was a common sight for the times. This image is located in the 1930s event.

Hartford, Connecticut c.1936

Hartford, Connecticut c.1936