Lady In A Snowstorm, c.1939


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We have many environmental portraits of women included in our People collection. Shown here are three recent arrivals. It should be remembered that for a number of these images women did not as yet have the right to even vote in the United States. Our lead photo is “Lady In A Snowstorm“; Michigan c,1974. When you have to go out for milk and bread nothing, not even a snowstorm can stop this woman.

Hijinks were common at the turn of the 20th century. People felt liberated from the morality of the Victorian age, especially after victory in the Great War. Shown here is “Lady Up A Tree“; U. S. c.1912. Scenes like this would not have been seen so openly a generation earlier. Our last image, “Lady And Her Car“; U.S. c.1939 reminds us of the hard times suffered by many during the Great Depression as this lady peers through her car window.

Lady And Her Car, c.1939


Lady Up A Tree, c.1912