Lady of the Winnipesaukee c.1985


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It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I agree. There is perhaps an unconscious quest at DPI to locate images that are similar to those taken by the great masters. I admit that I am not particularly moved by paintings except in very special cases. One painting that has touched my soul is “Lady of Shalott” by Waterhouse (1888). I could look at it all day and feel a certain calmness and admiration for the artist. “Lady of Shalott” was based on a poem by Tennyson (1832) and it is shown below.

Our image shown in this blog we call “Lady of the Winnipesaukee“; New Hampshire c.1985. When we first viewed it set off all sorts of alarm bells, and we immediately made the connection to Waterhouse. We would like to think that he would approve.

Lady of Shalott - Waterhouse (1888)