"We'll Meet Again"


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You walk into an antique shop and what do you see? You see perhaps thousands of items worthy of being called antiques, and you look for that one, special item that simply “calls” to you. So you just have to take it home. Perhaps you go to an animal shelter looking for a pet, and among all of the possibilities there is one special dog or cat. You may not even be able to explain your choice because the selection moves an unconscious part of your brain. So it is with us at DPI when we find a photograph that moves us and separates itself from the thousands that we review weekly. In this blog we present “We’ll Meet Again“. There is no information given to us as to the location or date of this image. Yet within every image there are clues no matter how subtle they may be. We would argue that this photo of a woman at the town well pump was taken in Europe c.1946. Ireland, France, England or maybe none of these countries.

The title we gave to the photo is because to us it is a visual representation of the famous World War II song. We have heard this 1939 song by Vera Lynn many times without taking the time to understand its relevance. This photo taken at a town well pump symbolizes the lyrics in the song.