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Coney Island, Sept. 7, 1996


I am a retired high school Social Studies teacher. I think it would be fair for you to ask which topic that I taught do I think motivated my students the most? You might have guessed the French Revolution or the Crusades. Maybe it was something in American History or Government. The Civil War? Slavery? Bill of Rights? In 20th century world history maybe it was the rise of Nazi Germany, World War II, Watergate? No, no, no and nope. Mighty Casey would have struck out. All would have been wrong guesses. So you say well how about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll? Wrong again. The number one topic which maintains student interest is FOOD!
Roast beef or fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy will drive students to beg me to stop. But in this blog we will have to settle for hot dogs.

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Fayetteville, North Carolina (1928)


I had the opportunity to be in Fayetteville in the summer of 1968. I said be, not visit. This was during the time of my military service, and Fayetteville is just down the road apiece from Ft. Bragg. The Market House is the focus of the town. It lies at a crossroads, but for me I was only concerned with Hay Street, which lies to the left of this blog image from the Market House and is opposed to the right by Person Street.

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On the bayou in Louisiana.


What or rather who is Jole Blon? Just the national anthem of Louisiana and Cajun Country. Listen to the version in French or more accurately Cajun by Harry Choates. The photo for this blog is called “Squatters” on the bayou in Louisiana (1939). Maybe Jake will rent you a boat (read the sign).

The Sugar Plantation


One of those classic images in our opinion. We hope that you will agree. “The Sugar Plantation“; Florida/Louisiana/Texas c.1915. In our research we eliminated Puerto Rico and Hawaii as possible venues. That leaves Florida, Louisiana and Texas as the other possibilities. As Florida is the leading sugar producing state in the nation the odds favor Florida. Taking a break under the hot sun. If you look closely you can see the cane knife protruding from the ground behind the little boy. A cut off cane stalk is in the foreground. Just some clues that you pick up in the field.

Kuna Women and Children


Here’s wishing you a happy Columbus Day! But like all things in life it does depend on your point of view. Just ask the Kuna indigenous people of Panama. It has been a truism throughout the history of mankind that when two civilizations unknown to each other make contact that the more technologically advanced civilization will destroy the other. “Kuna Women and Children“; Panama (1964).