Snake Charmer


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You can’t make this stuff up. I’m sure that late night television will have a field day with this insanity. We have argued quite seriously in previous blogs that walls don’t work. History has proven this. If a wall on our southern border were to be constructed it would soon be breached one way or another so the Administration would have to take further measures. Perhaps guard towers with machine guns? How about a mine field? Why stop there? Create a demilitarized zone and thence a buffer zone. The absurdity is the product of disturbed thinking. The Statue of Liberty would be weeping if it is not already. This is not who we are as a people.

Of course the Administration would never get the funding approved for such a plan so they have now gone to snakes and alligators. Low tech maybe, but nothing is beyond their imagination. If you can separate children from their parents with a clear conscience then you have no humanity, sir.

Our lead photo for this blog is “Snake Charmer“; Rajasthan, India (September 7, 1989). Maybe we too have been under a spell. Personally, I don’t care much for snakes. Thank you Jim Stafford. Alligators may be a different matter as they are part of the Cajun culture in Louisiana. Below is “Cajun Alligator Hunters“; Louisiana c.1928 carrying on a 200 year old tradition.

Cajune Alligator Hunters