Armenia: Genocide


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Absence of toleration ultimately leads to genocide. The greatest example of genocide in recent times is the Holocaust involving Europe’s Jewish population at the hands of the Nazis during World War II. This differed from other genocides in that when the persecution began it was legal under German law (see Nuremberg Laws). But for many other nationalities before and after, the killings took on a different character.

Just to name several genocides which come to mind are American Indians, Cambodia, Congo and Rwanda. To Armenians their history will forever recognize what they call the “Meds Yeghern” or “Great Calamity” at the hands of the Turks during The Great War. The U. S. Congress recently recognized the slaughter of the Armenians. The photo in this blog, “Armenia: Genocide“; Armenia c.1910 shows an Armenian family having a picnic several years before the Meds Yeghern. We can only wonder if any of them survived.