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I have never been to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and probably never will. For me, my “Close Encounter” will forever be Shiprock. In 2003 I was traveling through the Four Corners and to my left about 25 miles distant I could see Shiprock. Even at that distance I will never forget the sight of what appeared to be a sailng ship in the middle of the desert. It was easily recognizable. I never was able to get any closer in my travels.

Most published images of Shiprock have been taken from it’s south side looking to the north, and we do have several of those images. This is our first close up image taken from the north side looking south. You cannot fail to be moved in traveling though this area of the Navajo reservation when viewing sandstone monoliths as your brain tries to make to make sense of shapes in the rock carved through erosion. Pareidolia! It’s easy to get what the Navajo call a “vision”.

But Shiprock is not sandstone. It is composed of igneous rock from an ancient volcano. It is our hope that “Shiprock” and our other images of Shiprock will help you to appreciate the Navajo culture.