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Pennsylvania Coal Mine


Coming of age in Brooklyn, N. Y. the only coal I remember seeing was as a very young boy when the coal truck came and coal was sent down a chute into the coal bin of our apartment building. The superintendent would roll out cans of ash for collection days later. This did not last long as oil became the fuel of choice.

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Stock Traders


If you thought that the film “The Hummingbird Project” (2018) was pure fiction think again. Reported in today’s Wall Street Journal (1/28/20) “High Speeds Seen Increasing Costs Of Stock Trading”. Worth paying attention to as the practice impacts on all of us. Our contribution to this conversation is “Stock Traders“; Manhattan, New York City (April 11, 1989). Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Drink sensibly.


In October 2018 I underwent a triple bypass open heart operation. I was hospitalized for almost a week. I was moved into a private room after spending time in intensive care. The night before I was to leave the staff asked me if I would not mind if they moved another patient into my room so I would be then sharing the room. He had not long to live and I said of course.

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Ft. Worth, Texas c.1909


As you know we are in the business of licensing images for reproduction to the media. The cost of the license is based on various criteria such as size of image, placement, circulation and so forth. However, you are still in possession of this hi res image following its intended distribution. We suggest a secondary application, “wall art”. Read more…