Nova Scotia, Canada c.1919


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Many years ago when our children were small I had the opportunity to purchase some antique farm equipment including a sickle bar mower.

My purpose in this purchase was to display them as objects d’art on my property, not to actually put them to their intended usage. When it came to the sickle bar mower I decided to choose safety over desire. I did not want to run the risk of a small child running into the teeth of this machine and losing an eye perhaps or becoming impaled in one way or another. Too dangerous for anyone, including me, if you are not paying attention to what you are doing and even if you are paying attention. So I settled for a hay rake, (2) two bottom plows, a four row weeder, a “potato digger” and a horse drawn road grader from the 1920s. Better safe than sorry. Occasionally, a sickle bar mower comes up for sale and can run about $1500.00 for a complete machine. The rust just adds patina to it. No extra charge for the rust. If you do decide to buy one try and place it out of danger on your property lest there is an accident and perhaps a lawsuit.


Sickle Bar Mower“; Nova Scotia, Canada c.1919