Western U. S. (July 18, 1956)


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Social Distancing. Quarantine. In the summer of 2003 I traveled through the American southwest from Denver to Las Vegas. We crossed the Rockies, stopped in Arches National Park, Colorado thence to Moab, Utah, the Four Corners, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and eventually to Las Vegas. For me the high point of this trip was Monument Valley and the desert.

What struck me was the complete silence experienced in the desert. There is nothing comparable, but what we are going through at this time with coronavirus comes the closest. Silence. If it were not for the birds at this time of year there would be no sounds at all. Therefore, we present “Ghost Town“; western U. S. (July 18, 1956).

“…I’ve got these Ghost Town blues, With nothing left to lose, The noose swings high up on the, Gallows in the wind, I’ve got these Ghost Town blues…” – “Ghost Town Blues” – Social Distortion.