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Cave Crickets (Rhaphidophoridae). Apologies to those folks in some parts of our world who consider cave crickets to be a delicacy. Some people even keep them as pets. I realize that on God’s green earth they are here to serve a purpose by killing harmful insects. They accomplish their task in life by primarily living outside of our homes, eating whatever they find and making little crickets. As their name suggests they prefer dark, damp environments such as caves. But when they decide to take up residence in my crawl space a conflict is created between man and beast. Although they may pose no danger to me or my family I choose not to live among them. Here on Long Island they are considered pests or a nuisance. To rid one’s home of the invaders sticky pest strips seem to do the trick. They are sold in boxes containing five strips in hardware stores and run about $10.00. Five days goes pretty fast before you need a refill. Which bring us to my solution.

I thought about a cheaper solution last night and I remembered a scene in Saving Private Ryan in which American soldiers are trying to defend this bridge in a town in France from the advancing Nazis. Tom Hanks as Capt. Miller devises a plan to knock out the Nazi tanks using a “sticky bomb”. Simply axle grease inside a sock containing C4 explosive which when thrown sticks to the side of a tank and explodes. A”sticky bomb”! Same issue with the crickets. No need for these sticky pads sold in hardware stores. Just make your own sticky bomb. I decided to simply use three strips of duct tape taped together. I could hardly get the tape to drop from my hands so I figured if I was having a problem so would the crickets. Voilá!  Caught 12 of them last night on my sticky bomb duct tape trap. Works for me.