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A Windy Day on the Farm


Photojournalism is not pretty. We have discussed this issue several times in the past. The significance of an image is what counts, not the technical aspects of its reproduction. A fine example of this is Robert Capa’s “Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death” a/k/a “Falling Soldier” (Cerro Muriano, Spain Sept. 5, 1936) during the Spanish Civil War. Capa received the Pulitzer Prize for his efforts.

"Loyalisyt Militiaman at the Moment of Death" - Robert Capa


So our young woman leaning on a fence is likewise out of focus. Its meaning is subjective although we do not expect it to win a Pulitizer Prize. “A Windy Day on the Farm“; U. S. c.1915.



Don’t get me wrong I love to eat lobster. But in looking at these lobsters in this tank the other day I began to think that maybe, just maybe we are not at the top of the food chain as we have come to believe. Like the lobster in the tank we are all just waiting our turn with nowhere to run. Maybe it’s viruses like COVID19 that are the top of the food chain. After all was it not the bacteria that destroyed the invaders in H. G. Well’s War of the Worlds?


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Mt. Vernon, Ohio c.1926


I am not sure if there ever was a “Golden Age” for the riverboats along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, but the 1920s seems like a good place to begin the investigation. The riverboats, for me, hold a special place in American history. Unique in many ways. Presented here are two recent examples from our collection. “Riverboat” shows a sternwheeler passing under a bridge on the Ohio River near Mt. Vernon, Ohio c.1926. Love that smoke. Wood was used as fuel which is clearly visible on the dock in our photo below of the “Elinor” “Sternwheeler” at Clinton, Iowa c.1920.

Clinton, Iowa c.1920

Clinton, Iowa c.1920