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Pennsylvania, c.1916


Wow! What a spectacular farm photo. But is this one of those photos that blurs the line between documentary and creative? I tend to think so. Great wall art for sure. A photo that could almost pass for a painting. “The Tin Lizzy“; Pennsylvania, c.1916. Not much left of this Model T, but the message would be entirely different if it had been in great shape.

February 1944


Photojournalistic and documentary images by their very nature are taken under uncertain conditions. They are designed to tell a story, and not necessarily to be works of art. Every once in a while such a photo crosses this blood/brain barrier, if you will, and creates an image worthy of display in a gallery. “Gapstow Bridge in Central Park“; Manhattan, NYC (February 1944) is such an image. As luck would have it I actually have a similar image done as a painting in wintertime hanging in my home. Naturally, this photo caught my eye. Life during wartime no less. Based on Central Park weather records we can almost pin down the exact day of the month that this photo was taken. At the very least we can eliminate dates which do not fit the scene.

Lansing, Michigan (April 22, 1929)


Dangerous work. A cofferdam gave way and five workers were killed and another two were injured.  If you look closely you can see a law enforcement officer on either side of the bridge. Notice the pistol on their hip. This photo was taken 10 days after the collapse by Lent. Date of the collapse was April 12, 1929 during the construction over the Grand River in Lansing, Michigan.

Collapse of the South Logan Street Bridge“; Lansing, Michigan (April 22, 1929).

Mont-Saint-Michel, France (1933)


Many creative images of Mont-Saint-Michel in France are available in beautiful colors, but not from DPI. Our style is more concerned with the photojournalism/documentary aspect than in the creative. Having said that we present our take on Mont-Saint-Michel from 1933. A unique viewpoint on the abbey in our opinion.