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Western U. S. (July 18, 1956)


Social Distancing. Quarantine. In the summer of 2003 I traveled through the American southwest from Denver to Las Vegas. We crossed the Rockies, stopped in Arches National Park, Colorado thence to Moab, Utah, the Four Corners, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and eventually to Las Vegas. For me the high point of this trip was Monument Valley and the desert.

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Ft. Worth, Texas c.1909


As you know we are in the business of licensing images for reproduction to the media. The cost of the license is based on various criteria such as size of image, placement, circulation and so forth. However, you are still in possession of this hi res image following its intended distribution. We suggest a secondary application, “wall art”. Read more…



I have never been to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and probably never will. For me, my “Close Encounter” will forever be Shiprock. In 2003 I was traveling through the Four Corners and to my left about 25 miles distant I could see Shiprock. Even at that distance I will never forget the sight of what appeared to be a sailng ship in the middle of the desert. It was easily recognizable. I never was able to get any closer in my travels.

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