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New Orleans,  c.1930


The image in this blog “Mississippi River Ferry” is a recent addition to our ferry collection. When we first saw this photo it appealed to us in terms of the composition. The dock, the ferry, the river and the seagull in the left of the scene make this work.  The question for us, as is the case most of the time, was where and when? The construction of the ferry speaks to the southern part of the Mississippi River. That was clear. But was it a crossing in Mississippi, perhaps Natchez, or further south into Louisiana? There are so many crossings. What we were unable to see until the the image went into photo editing was the sign on the building across the river in the left of the frame. “Algiers Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co.” Problem solved, New Orleans! Today the new kid on the block, for about the last 70 years, is Bollinger. Various companies have been in that location since the mid 1800s. These are the times when the satisfaction for us is greater when we are able to answer a where or when question or both in addition to appreciation of the image itself.

Mississippi River Ferry“; New Orleans, Louisiana c.1930



American Farm


DPI has a substantial collection of farm photographs. This recently acquired image, “American Farm“; U. S. c.1920 is somewhat unusual especially for the period. In the first place you are viewing roughly a 100 year old image. Note the windmill protruding from behind the roof of the main house. What caught our eye is the low angle of view at which the image was shot coupled with the wide angle image created by the camera lens. This wide angle shot is not typical for the period. As you can see the edges of the image are somewhat out of focus. They are soft. This is common for camera lenses of this period. But even today wide angle lenses suffer from barrel and pincushion distortions which are even more evident in zoom lenses. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Western U. S. (July 18, 1956)


Social Distancing. Quarantine. In the summer of 2003 I traveled through the American southwest from Denver to Las Vegas. We crossed the Rockies, stopped in Arches National Park, Colorado thence to Moab, Utah, the Four Corners, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and eventually to Las Vegas. For me the high point of this trip was Monument Valley and the desert.

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Ft. Worth, Texas c.1909


As you know we are in the business of licensing images for reproduction to the media. The cost of the license is based on various criteria such as size of image, placement, circulation and so forth. However, you are still in possession of this hi res image following its intended distribution. We suggest a secondary application, “wall art”. Read more…