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Kerala, India c.1923??


Two explorers on a journey into the “Heart of Darkness”, not likely. Adventurers maybe. They do not seem to have enough provisions on board for a long trip. In most cases there are some clues hidden in plain sight that help us to identify time and location. This photo presents some challenges. We date the photo to approximately 1923. But, location…location…location? The raft is made of bamboo. That narrows things to the tropic areas of the earth as they are in common use at that latitude virtually worldwide. We assess that these adventurers are Brits. Still, if you examine the extent of the British Empire in 1923 the task is quite difficult. This map shows the historic extent of the British Empire over time.


The British Empire


Using the process of elimination our assessment is that the location is the state of Kerala in India. Tours are still given today using bamboo rafts in Kerala.


The Explorers“, c.1923

North Babylon, N. Y. (June 25, 2022)


“No, the defense is wrong!!” I have definitely been watching too many movies. The connection just seemed to be so obvious. Just high school graduation revelers in this case having too much fun. So much for my quiet neighborhood.


My Cousin Vinny“; North Babylon, N. Y. (June 25, 2022).

West Islip, N. Y. (June 18, 2022)


I entered a 50% card store the other day in order to purchase a greeting card. The greeting cards are actually a front for a gambling den. Virtually everyone who enters buys lottery tickets. A dollar and a dream. More accurately $2.00, inflation and all, for a scratch off. I watched as a patron asked for a scratch off. The proprietor said which one? I interjected, “preferably a winning one”. It was not to be. Perhaps it would be understandable to try your luck for a couple of dollars on occasion, but most of the patrons were asking for multiple tickets and also playing the daily numbers. It was obvious that these were committed gamblers. Would not they have been better off to have invested their money over time in taking a course on computer coding for example? Human nature, I guess.

Lottery Ticket“; (June 18, 2022) West Babylon, N. Y.

Texas c.1970


You fill in the blanks. You write this story. Accident? End of a robbery and police chase? Drug deal gone bad. A homicide perhaps? Looks like it could be from a scene in “No Country for Old Men” (2007) or “Hell or High Water” (2016). Maybe none of the above. “Trail’s End“; Texas c.1970.

Texas, c.1998


Just another roadside memorial and another life lost or maybe more than one. “Drive Safely“; Texas c.1998. The life you save may be your own or mine! What makes this image special is that this roadside memorial was photographed with a super wide angle lens. I would think something in the 12 to 14 mm range would be correct, but it might be closer to 10 mm. The effect is dramatic. Maybe it will make enough of impression to save a few lives.

Pennsylvania, c.1916


Wow! What a spectacular farm photo. But is this one of those photos that blurs the line between documentary and creative? I tend to think so. Great wall art for sure. A photo that could almost pass for a painting. “The Tin Lizzy“; Pennsylvania, c.1916. Not much left of this Model T, but the message would be entirely different if it had been in great shape.

February 1944


Photojournalistic and documentary images by their very nature are taken under uncertain conditions. They are designed to tell a story, and not necessarily to be works of art. Every once in a while such a photo crosses this blood/brain barrier, if you will, and creates an image worthy of display in a gallery. “Gapstow Bridge in Central Park“; Manhattan, NYC (February 1944) is such an image. As luck would have it I actually have a similar image done as a painting in wintertime hanging in my home. Naturally, this photo caught my eye. Life during wartime no less. Based on Central Park weather records we can almost pin down the exact day of the month that this photo was taken. At the very least we can eliminate dates which do not fit the scene.