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York, Pennsylvania (November 6, 1966). A newspaper boy and girl (across the street) selling the Sunday News.


Dictators abhor a free press. Dictators seek to eliminate all dissent. Dictators need to quash any institution or individual that challenges their authority. Dictators need to legitimize their propaganda, and will look to attack the press perhaps physically by banning their operations or by jailing their editors. Read more…

Security Forces

Security Forces – Revolution in Yemen Featured

Editorial photography presents difficulties in two basic areas. The equipment. In past decades, photographs taken by paid staff photographers from the media had a distinct advantage compared with amateur equipment as the costs were beyond the reach of the average person. Improvements in digital photography regarding camera phones as well as digital cameras with wi-fi ability has made it possible for photographers to capture both still images and HD video and distribute it worldwide in real time. As a result, paid staffers are being replaced by freelancers and stringers as an increasing number of print media outlets no longer see the need to retain large payrolls. The problem of quality of the images will always separate the professional from the amateur. It is not enough to simply possess the equipment, but rather the talent behind the lens which makes one photograph superior to another.

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