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Lan Lan. I met her in the well-known Hoan Kiem Park & Lake near the opera house in downtown Hanoi. An air raid victim of the bombing on Hanoi on December 23, 1970. Shrapnel sliced off her leg at the groin. - Dermot McGrath


DPI welcomes our newest contributing photojournalist, Dermot McGrath. Dermot, a Navy veteran, is based on Long Island. He has traveled to Vietnam several times since the end of the war, and he is deeply involved with the Viet Duc University Hospital Humanitarian Project which is based in Hanoi. This effort sends Vietnamese doctors and nurses for training and observation to several Long Island hospitals.

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Washington, D. C. - January 20, 1953: President Eisenhower and Mamie in an open convertible. Photo courtesy of Capt. W. M. Arps, USN Ret.

2016 Presidential Election

First Pitch

U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland – May 25, 1952: President Truman throws out the first pitch at the annual Army-Navy baseball game at Annapolis. Final score: Navy 3, Army 1.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the 2016 Presidential election is a discussion of who is not running for President.  The field seems to be wide open on the Republican side and slowly widening for the Democrats. For us citizens the main issue is to vote. Cast a vote for those who cannot and cast a vote for the future of the nation.  What is critical is the the vote should be an informed vote. Too often, I think that the election becomes a mere popularity contest based on issues that are irrelevant to who is most qualified to be President. The most tragic outcome for the voter is to wake up the following morning after the vote is finalized and realize that you have made a mistake. Read more…