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United States c.1926


Freedom of Speech“; U. S. c.1926. Sometimes it is difficult to analyze the situation in an image in the absence of definitive clues. It is clear that these three men are proud of their accomplishment. For us, it recalls the “Freedom of Speech” painting by Norman Rockwell used as an illustration for an article in the Saturday Evening Post published on February 21, 1943 seen below. Four articles appeared the the magazine that year each one illuminating FDR’s Four Freedoms speech.

Painting by Norman Rockwell used on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post (February 21, 1943).

Painting by Norman Rockwell used on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post (February 21, 1943).

California, June 1938


Our recent blog “Daddy, There’s a Pebble in My Shoe” paid tribute to the artist Norman Rockwell. We have argued that some of DPI’s images remind us of paintings done by Rockwell. His work has had a significant influence upon us which is occasionally reflected in our selection of images. The lead photo in this blog we call “The Knockout“; California (June 1938). It’s connection to Rockwell, we believe, is Rockwell’s “Strictly a Sharpshooter” which was used as the cover for the American Magazine in June 1941.

Strictly a Sharpshooter June 1941American Magazine

Stopped for an emergency removal of a pebble. Oregon, c.1942


The quotation has been attributed to Oscar Wilde and Charles Caleb Colton as well as others. Did not the Romans learn from the Greeks in taking their Gods and renaming them? And so it goes. Inventions are very often improvements upon the work of earlier inventors. We are all influenced by the work of others. The point is that we are supposed to learn from others and create our own unique style.

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