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Pont Alexander III


A scene from a spy thriller or just a gentleman smoking his pipe overlooking the Seine? Imagine the effect of this photo if the pipe was absent. Such a small section of the photo, if missing, would have such a large effect on the overall mood. Perhaps this man was thinking about the future of France as Hitler was consolidating his power in Germany? This photo comes to us from a contributor in Bulgaria.


The contribution of French photo agencies to the field of photojournalism and documentary photography should not be underestimated. One might say that the father of French photojournalism was Henri Cartier-Bresson. His argument that a photo should be taken at the “decisive moment” still holds true. But there have also been major contributions made by Magnum, Gamma-Liason and Sipa photo agencies to illustrate this point that the French have been pioneers in photojournalism. These agencies have set the standard for others to follow including DPI.
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