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The eyes indicate a life of pain.


This image has been identified as Harriet Dorsey.  We assess that the photo was taken in the United States c.1880. Research indicates that a Harriet Dorsey was born in 1859.  In any event, this Harriet Dorsey would have been born during slavery days. Her eyes are simply haunting and indicate a life of pain to us. We believe that this is an important image reflecting on the times in which she lived.

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The Cotton Pickers

It might be argued by the uninformed that manual labor in the southern cotton fields of the United States ended with the conclusion of the Civil War and the adoption of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. The abolition of slavery and the industrialization of the United States, the argument continues, had reduced the need for field workers. We find that there is convincing evidence that such a conclusion would be false.

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