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We’re strong. We can take it. Just look at the Ukrainians to understand the meaning of sacrifice.

Shoe Shine Man


I fully understand supply chain problems, but shoelaces are another matter. Sneaker laces too. Recently, I attempted to purchase sneaker laces in a nation-wide pharmacy as I have done for decades. Finding none on the shelf I went to one of their competitors and was told we don’t carry them any more. Yesterday, I located a pair (not really what I was looking for) in Walmart and so I grabbed them. Does one have to search online for shoelaces these days? It’s getting a bit ridiculous I think. “Shoe Shine Man“; Massachusetts c.1925

Secretariat Redux


1:59.40! That was the winning time for Secretariat in the 1973 Kentucky Derby. If and when Rich Strike can equal or beat that time I will take my hat off to him. Still, it was an amazing accomplishment. Secretariat was a very special horse and we salute his career in “Secretariat Redux”; Wyoming (July 19, 1961). Of course Secretariat was not born until 9 years later and the markings don’t match. Maybe this is Stewball !

Battle of Okinawa


Navy people help us out on this. We believe – we believe that this photo dates from 1945. Hellcat fighters are seen lashed to the deck of an aircraft carrier during a storm. Most probably during a typhoon off the coast of Okinawa during the Battle of Okinawa. That is our assessment with a high degree of probability. The remaining question is to identify the carrier. Thirty-nine carriers took part in the invasion, 35 American and 4 British. We do not conclude that the photo shows the deck of one of the British carriers. Of the 39 total only 19 were assigned Hellcats. Other aircraft included Avengers and Corsairs. We further argue that the photo does not show one of the fleet carriers, the Enterprise, Yorktown or Hornet. that leaves us with 15 possible carriers, the support carriers. On some of these ships the superstructure was toward the bow not amidship, and we eliminated those from consideration. All we can say is that we are looking at the deck of one of the support carriers during a typhoon. If you really want to hazard a guess as to which carrier this is try the USS Santee.


Hellcats“; in the Pacific off the coast of Okinawa (April 1945)


“Glory to Ukraine”. “Glory to the Heroes”. Sean Work traveled throughout Ukraine in the summer of 2014. He contributed his work to DPI in July 2015, and it has been a main feature on our website to include our homepage. Since the war began we have been featuring Sean’s photos on our Twitter page every day and will continue to do so until the conclusion of the conflict. Presented in this blog are 14 selected photos taken from Sean’s essay. They include photos taken in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Sloviansk in the Donbas. View the complete essay at:

On the line between Springfield, Colorado through Boise City, Oklahoma to Dalhart, Texas.


Just another dust bowl photo? Maybe, but previously unpublished ones are getting more difficult to find. This is the latest addition to our collection: “Dust Bowl: Black Sunday” taken on April 14, 1935 of course. Research indicates that the exact location is somewhere on the line that runs through Springfield, Colorado in Baca county thence through Boise City, Oklahoma in the strip and then through Dalhart, Texas in the panhandle.


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The weary, haunting stare of a Depression era shopkeeper.


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Texas c.1970


You fill in the blanks. You write this story. Accident? End of a robbery and police chase? Drug deal gone bad. A homicide perhaps? Looks like it could be from a scene in “No Country for Old Men” (2007) or “Hell or High Water” (2016). Maybe none of the above. “Trail’s End“; Texas c.1970.