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Crowded streets of downtown Chicago. The Fair Store is seen at the right. c.1924


A recently acquired image of a crowded city scene is “Downtown Chicago“; c.1924. An amateur photo of exceptional quality developed in a home darkroom. DPI has a number of images taken in Chicago, but this one is special. The Fair Store is visible on the right as well as the 20th Century Cafe at the left. The hustle and bustle of the Roaring 20s in the Windy City.

Two priests give a blessing for the safety of the workers.


DPI has a collection of photos of Mt. Rushmore under construction or as it stands completed. This latest image, “Mount Rushmore“, is early on in the construction phase as two priests appear at the site probably to give a blessing for the safety of the workers. Jefferson’s nose appears in the photo. This is an indication that the date of this image is most likely in the spring of 1928. Holes drilled into the rock face for placing dynamite are also visible.

Note the right hand drive.


Today, pickup trucks are all the rage. I find myself surrounded by Dodge Ram 1500s, Chevy Silverados and Ford F-150s on a continual basis. Sometimes I feel overmatched in my Jeep Grand Cherokee, but different strokes for different folks. Maybe I should have bought a Hummer.

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State of the art in photography for the amateur at a cost of only $6.00.


First introduced in 1900 the Kodak Brownie cameras were produced for decades and came in many variations. This helps to explain the quality of many of the images that DPI acquires. Without the use of 21st century photo editing software it would be impossible to present acceptable images. A recent Kodak Brownie acquired by DPI is featured here.

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Environmental portrait taken in Connecticut c.1896.


DPI has just acquired this environmental portrait “Old Man With A Spyglass“. This image was taken in Connecticut c.1896. It was in remarkable condition considering its age, but greatly improved with some 21st century photo editing software magic. You have to wonder how the old man would have reacted had he known that his portrait would be displayed on the internet 120 years later.


DPI is pleased to announce that we have expanded our social networking footprint to include Google+ Collections. And why not? Google+ has 1,600,000,000 active users. Simply search for DISPATCH PRESS IMAGES COLLECTIONS on your Google+ account.  Our postings on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flipboard will continue as usual.