North Carolina c.1937


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Can’t find your car, sir? Apparently not a new phenomenon as seen in this 1930s photo, especially since the majority of cars were of only one paint color, your basic black. I feel your pain.

Many times I cannot find my Jeep Grand Cherokee as it is a popular model. I fear that it was stolen while I was shopping, but that has not ever been the case. One time I took the Jeep to the dealership for service and when I went to pick it up they couldn’t find it for over an hour. Do you know how many silver Grand Cherokees are on the road? Quite a few. One reason that I paid $900.00 for factory running boards was to make it easier to locate. Of course you would need to view it from a drone to see those running boards in a parking lot if the cars are parked close together. No matter. They look really cool!


The Parking Lot“; North Carolina c.1937