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unknown, c.1953


It has been called by many names. Quarantine. Self-Isolation. Social Distancing. So in looking for the perfect description I turned to Hollywood. Eureka! Throw Mama From The Train (1987).
The night was sultry!

Having to stay home for an undetermined time period essentially feels like house arrest minus the ankle monitor. I think that this description comes closest to reality.

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Western U. S. (July 18, 1956)


Social Distancing. Quarantine. In the summer of 2003 I traveled through the American southwest from Denver to Las Vegas. We crossed the Rockies, stopped in Arches National Park, Colorado thence to Moab, Utah, the Four Corners, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and eventually to Las Vegas. For me the high point of this trip was Monument Valley and the desert.

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Unusual close up photo of something everyone did and probably should not have.


Isolation. Distancing. Quarantine. Shelter in place. We are now beyond even that and into HIBERNATION in my home. At least that is what it feels like and therefore we present “Do Not Feed The Bears“; Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming c.1914. Something everyone did and probably should not have. Bears hibernate, get it!

Well, at least we still have the internet. That is just about the only thing that is still working normally so that we can stay in touch and work from home. I wish to report that some good has already come out of this situation for me. As a result of restaurant closures and being forced to eat regular food made at home, my blood pressure has dropped about 20 points! No salt!

Alcatraz Island, 1977


So now we’re trying to figure out how to avoid contracting the coronavirus. The world has truly turned not sparing the rich nor the poor. Absent a vaccine against this outbreak we are left to washing our hands and avoiding contact with other people.

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My experiences today at BJs in Deer Park, N. Y. Overflowing parking lot. No shopping carts. Not much to buy inside when you got there on many, many items. Toilet paper, forget it. Tissues, napkins, paper towels same deal. Many foodstuffs sold out including chickens. I was lucky to get the meat I needed as the meat counter was vastly depleted. Extremely long checkout lines.

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