Cabin Air Filter


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If it’s good enough for you it’s good enough for your vehicle. Would you believe? “Virus-proofing Seen As Valuable New-Car Option”; Newsday 5/28/20. Someone will always figure out a way to make money. Sir, we can virus-proof your car using UVC light or disinfectant for a small additional charge. And how long will that last? Yesterday, I took my Jeep Grand Cherokee in for service. State inspection and an oil change. No problems as it has has not been running for the last 10 weeks. Even my insurance company has given me a 10% discount for the month of June. The service advisor told me that I needed to replace the cabin air filter which I did for an additional $69.00 (see the lead photo). I had always asked about replacing it in previous trips to the dealership, but I was always told that it was not necessary. I think that the Coronavirus has altered their sales pitch.

The dealership has new owners. The previous owner sold several of his dealerships in this current market. As a dealer there is a lot of money to be made, but in hard times you can lose it real fast. It’s the floor planning, stupid! Your bank finances the cars you buy and for every month that a car on your lot remains unsold you have to pay the interest on that loan to the bank. This is why cash flow can keep you afloat in hard times. Sometimes it is more important to take less of a profit on a deal than leaving a car unsold as the interest will just eat you up alive. Anyway, there were only two new cars on the showroom floor. Many desks for invisible salespersons. Sales are now done by appointment only. No customers to just browse. Staff busy sweeping the showroom floor followed by moping during regular business hours. Chairs being disinfected. Signs all over to remind you to keep your distance from other people. It’s a brand new world for sure.

Cabin Air Filter“; North Babylon, N. Y. (5/28/20)