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As a garage sale junkie myself I thought that I would share this experience with you. I have been to countless garage sales over many decades. I have entered basements chocked full of items where you had to enter at your own risk. They could have charged admission just to see the place. Today’s yard sale presented here ranks up with the best of them in terms of square yards of junk, junk and more junk. As it happens I know the seller of this sale. Not a friend of mine, but I know him from the neighborhood. The ultimate hoarder without question. Now at the end of his life it is time to sell. But his prices today were ridiculous and in keeping with his normal way of doing business. Now, I don’t try to chisel at yard sales. I like a good bargain like everyone else, but I also don’t mind paying a fair price. His prices were as high if not higher than they would be at a fashionable antique store. Lots of junk, in my opinion, lots of lookers but most folks just walked away. It will all wind up in multiple dumpsters soon enough. Email me at for more details.

Babylon Garage Sale“; Babylon, N. Y. (August 27, 2022)

Ohio (1948)


A photo like this, “Ohio (1948)“, comes along only rarely. We think that it is on an equal footing with photos taken by the some of the Farm Security Administration photographers during the Great Depression. This is an amateur photo that we were fortunate to acquire proving that great photos can be made by novice photographers.  All that is necessary is a keen eye and being in the right place at the right time.

North Babylon, N. Y. (August 20, 2022)


This past Saturday morning I opened my front door to fetch the morning newspaper and was greeted by three swans. I am assuming that this was the mother swan and her two juvenile offspring although I was unable to determine the sex of any of them. We do live somewhat near a lake perhaps it is about 1/2 mile from our home. I have never seen swans on our lawn in the decades we have lived here. The swans were right at our front door as if they were our pets. If I had encouraged them I think that they would have come indoors, that is how tame they were. Beautiful birds with huge, black webbed feet. I gave them some bread to eat and they seemed satisfied as I guess that they were not afraid of humans and used to people feeding them. I took all of this as a sign of good luck, that somehow my family was blessed. All in all it was a pretty good day as it turned out. The swans moved away from the front door and stayed for a few hours. All that remained was to clean up their poop from my front lawn so as not to step in any of it. Maye not quite so lucky after all. Be kind to animals.

The Swans Who Came For Breakfast“; North Babylon, N. Y. (August 20, 2022)