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On the line between Springfield, Colorado through Boise City, Oklahoma to Dalhart, Texas.


Just another dust bowl photo? Maybe, but previously unpublished ones are getting more difficult to find. This is the latest addition to our collection: “Dust Bowl: Black Sunday” taken on April 14, 1935 of course. Research indicates that the exact location is somewhere on the line that runs through Springfield, Colorado in Baca county thence through Boise City, Oklahoma in the strip and then through Dalhart, Texas in the panhandle.


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Ft. Worth, Texas c.1909


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The quotation is from the movie “Hell or High Water” (2016). I believe any attempt by me to explain its significance would be futile. I strongly recommend that you see this movie. See Texas Settlers.


This slideshow presents some of the work of A. Michael Uhlmann.  As a contributing photojournalist based in Texas, Uhlmann has access to the Texas lifestyle as seen in his “Daily Life” collection.  His work is not limited to only this collection.  What is so special is that Uhlmann’s photographic style is clearly recognizable.  Several of his other collections are located in our Texas gallery. His biography is available on our Photographers’ Page.